Milestar tires review: Safe – Dependable – Performance Value


Milestar tires are distributed by Tireco Incorporated and are made by the Nangkang Tire and Rubber Corporation. Tireco was established in 1972 is one of the largest marketers and distributors of private brand tires in North America. It is interesting to note that Tireco is also the distributor of West Lake, Nangkang, and Trac Gard tires.

Creating this milestar tires review was an easy feat. I have raked a lot of miles test driving cars and SUVs fitted with Milestar tires. I still fondly remember the time when I drove a 1967 Pontiac GTO at the 2015 Rat Rod Rally in Las Vegas. That car was fitted with the Milestar StreetSteel tires which are specifically designed for hot rods, muscle cars, and classic cars. The GTO was a blast to drive, or should I say was a blast in the dragstrip. The two brothers who co-owns the magnificent GTO swears by the quality, performance, value, and durability of Milestar tires. Those statements have stuck by me ever since.


Why Choose Milestar Tires?
Solid reputation for durability
You can go online and read reviews on Milestar tires. Some might say that the tires were average in terms of traction and grip, while others will praise the comfort and ride silence. However, what stands out from the reviews is the durability. There was this one review where the owner accidentally hit a curb and was hoping for the worst. Fortunately, the Milestar tires in his vehicle help up nicely and ended up getting 50,000-miles before buying a new set.

Milestar tires are not only about durability. They are also good value for money. If you’re on a relatively tight budget and you need new tires for your car, Milestar tires are a brilliant choice.

Milestar tires are backed by a 40,000-mile warranty. That is not the best warranty in the business to be quite honest, but it is generous enough to gain the respect and confidence of drivers and car owners all over North America.

Milestar Tires Review

Milestar All-Season Tires Review

Milestar MS70 All-Season

The Milestar MS70 All-Season is perfect for subcompacts, compacts, and midsize sedans. This tire is available for 13 to 15-inch wheels and is ideal if you are looking to replace the stock OEM tires in your vehicle.

The Milestar MS70 is equipped with a symmetrical tread design that gives you the ability to rotate the tire in any configuration to increase the tread life. Featuring variable siping with vertical siping patterns to improve grip in all types of weather, this tire has a circumferential groove design to improve traction in wet weather.

I drove a bone stock 2012 Toyota Corolla fitted with 15-inch OEM wheels and Milestar MS70 All-Season tires.